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Home and Car Window Tint Palm Coast, Fl With a track record of 22 successful years in the window tinting industry, A Filtered Sun, located in Palm Coast, Florida, offers world-class window tinting services to residents in the Palm Coast and surrounding areas. Our window tinting applications are ideal for a range of structures and equipment including homes, commercial buildings, automobiles and small marine vessels such as boats and yachts.

Protect your health and your physical assets with window tinting

We undoubtedly appreciate the importance of the sun to life on earth as we know it. However, we know that the Palm Coast sun can be a challenge and constant overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can become harmful or detrimental to the human body, which can cause injuries and diseases such as blindness and certain forms of cancer.

The good news is that overexposure to the sun's potentially harmful rays is avoidable through window tinting available to Palm Coast residents through A Filtered Sun's services.

With window tinting, you immediately reduce the amount of power you would need in air-conditioning.

While blinds and drapes keep out some of the sun's heat, a window with window tinting repels up to 79% of the heat through windows. With proper window tinting installed, a 79% reduction in AC unit use, could save you approximately one ton of AC power for every 100 square feet of exposed tinted window.

Spend less on energy with window tinting in Palm Coast

At A Filtered Sun's Palm Coast location, we can help you fight sun damage by installing protective window tinting in your home, automobile or business. Our residents of Palm Coast and surroundings can be confident that we use only the industry-standard 3M range of sun filters in all our window tinting jobs.

We are always happy to speak with residents of Palm Coast and surrounding areas about how we can help them achieve this level of protection. Contact A Filtered Sun's Palm Coast location today to chat with us.

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